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Yesterday we played in our third tournament, and we’re beginning to really “click” and work well as a team. We’ve gotten much better progressively as a team, and have learned to use our strengths on and off the court. We truly are a “team”, and have gotten to know each other so well already. Once we start playing, we know it requires good energy, communication, teamwork, focus, and most of all determination, to want every point, and work for it, well earned. You can never give up on your team, or yourself, unless you want to give up the game. We learned yesterday that if you keep fighting, and work your hardest, great things really can be accomplished. After hours of dedication, we took first in our pool, winning all our games! Overall we had good passing, strong setting, and solid hitting, although our serving can be worked on. There is always room for improvement and we are ready to keep playing and working hard to accomplish more things to come!
-Gaby Swanton #27